Trenton, MI: 8 Tips for Lowering Your Heating Costs this Winter

When it comes to home heating costs, the winter can be stressful for home owners to keep warm and frugal. At Expert Heating and Cooling we have had some experience in this cost savings area and love to share our knowledge. Consider these items this winter to save some hard earned cash.

  1. Cover or replace drafty windows. Apply weather seal strips or plastic film covers to windows that have a cold draft coming through. If you have money in your home budget for heating costs, consider replacing the entire window.
  2. Install a programmable thermostat. If you install and properly set your programmable thermostat you can see a cost saving instantly in your energy bill. The settings should be adjusted to your home and work schedule. Keep your thermostat set for long periods time – lower the heat when you are away at work or sleeping to save on heating costs.
  3. Take advantage of sunny days. When the sun is shining open your blinds or windows coverings. This will allow the sunlight to naturally heat the home.
  4. Maintain your heating system. Make sure to get your yearly furnace clean and check. Technicians will be able to clean your system and make sure that is running at peak efficiency. Make sure to also replace your filter typically every 3-6 months.
  5. Add or replace insultation. Insultation keeps the warm air in your home and keeps the cold air out. Old insultation can cause your equipment to work harder. By replacing your insulation or getting some installed you can dramatically decrease your bills.
  6. Invest in a high efficiency heating system. A high efficiency HVAC system will be costly upfront, but you will see over time the savings in your bills. It also helps increase your home comfort levels.
  7. Bundle up! Put on a sweatshirt or a blanket when you are inside. This will allow you to keep your heat at a lower setting.

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