HVAC: Proactive Vs. Reactive

When thinking about your HVAC, (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) are you Proactive or reactive? As we head into the winter season the last thing you want to experience is a no heat situation.

To avoid this happening at your home or business make sure to stay proactive and take the necessary precautions. Now more than ever the comfort levels of our home are extremely important. Due to the pandemic we are spending more time at our home and some of our houses have even been turning into our place of work.

Some ideas to combat the life of your heating, ventilation and cooling system (HVAC) are listed here:

  • Complete maintenance on your equipment once per season. This means you get your air conditioner maintained during cooling seasons such as spring and summer, and get your furnace maintained in the heating season such as fall and winter. Maintenance helps to make sure your current system is working at peak efficiency.
  • Change your filter accordingly. The rule of thumb we like to use is by using the width of your furnace filter. If your filter is 1-inch you should change it at least once a month, and if itโ€™s 4-inch you should change at least every 4 months. Other factors are considered if you need to change your filter more like pets in the home, living on a dirt road, and living on a crawl space. Not changing a furnace filter can result in both furnace and air conditioner failure. Dirty filters cause lack of airflow which causes the system to shut down due to restriction.
  • Be prepared for when your equipment is starting to get older. A typical lifespan of HVAC equipment is about 15-20 years old. As your furnace or ac gets older in age start to get estimates on what the price to replace your equipment will be. Replace your equipment before it fails and ensure that you do not lose your indoor comfort.
  • Maintain your HVAC accessories. Items such as condensate pumps and humidifiers also need to be upheld. Your humidifier should be clean out and the humidifier pad replaced every season. Not replacing this can result in failure of the accessory, clogging of the drains, and no moisture in your air. Be sure to turn your humidifier off in the summer and on in the winter.
  • Add an air purification product to your system for better air quality. By adding products such as the iWave-R or the RGF ClearSky you will improve your indoor air quality by killing or reducing viruses, bacteria, molds, allergens, and more!

Being proactive with your HVAC is key to ensuring that your home comfort levels stay exactly where you like them. If you need maintenance or looking to get quotes on new equipment you can look to Expert Heating & Cooling to provide both service and installation. Expert is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer serving the Downriver and Southeast Michigan Region including Westland, Trenton, Taylor, Southgate, Romulus, New Boston, Melvindale, Lincoln Park, Dearborn Heights, Canton and many more cities and townships.ย  Call 844-EXPERT-1 or inquire on our website for more information.